I T  I S  F I N I S H E D  |  h a p p y  ( b e l a t e d )  e a s t e r
Thank you Jesus for paying the ultimate price. The only price that would cover my debt.
Though my sins are scarlet, you have washed me white as snow.
You have tasted death so that I may have life.
I praise you for your sacrifice, Father - your one and only son who was nailed to that tree, mocked, beaten and bruised.

You gave it all for us - a sinless man paying the price of sinful men.

Thank you for tearing the veil so that we are no longer separated. 
As children of the King, we can boldly enter into your throne room.
Thank you Jesus for declaring us FULLY FORGIVEN.

L I F E  L A T E L Y  |  m a r c h  2 0 1 5
M a k i n g : Vegetarian lasagna. Beats regular lasagna anyyy day. (I use this recipe!)
R e a d i n g : Future Grace by John Piper. Such a great, perspective-shifting read!
W a t c h i n g : Parks & Recreation. It is seriously playing all day long in my house.   
D r i n k i n g : TEA. Mmmm. (Probably because I'm all out of coffee filters and can't seem to remember to pick them up at the store..)
P l a y i n g :  A lot of old school country. Shania Twain and Tim McGraw, anyone??
W i s h i n g : I was in the mountains at this very moment.
E n j o y i n g : Doing six months worth of catching up with friends.
L e a r n i n g : That waking up early really is the key to a productive day. (And this, unfortunatly, means ditching my night-owl habits.)
W o n d e r i n g : If I should pack away the winter parka or brace myself for more winter weather. (Canadian problems, eh?)
L o v i n g : Monochrommme. (Can you tell by my recent blog post?)
We a r i n g : Anything knit! 
W r i t i n g : More than ever before in my new, unlined Moleskin. My favorite!
B o o k m a r k i n g : Sights to see for our Portland trip. (Eeek!)  
W a n t i n g : All the wolf shirts in the world.

Much love,