&   T O D A Y   W E   C E L E B R A T E
as i drove to the legislative grounds where the rest of my dressed up classmates awaited, i had a quiet moment alone with myself. this is it. i thought to myself. it felt a little surreal in that moment. hair and makeup done. dress on. accessories? check. an extra pair of flats for when my feet start to blister? check. the day that my friends and I had spent countless conversations talking about was finally here. i know that graduating from high school isn't the biggest thing. i realize that in ten years, this day may be an insignificant blur. and i recognize that these past three years won't be the most challenging years i will face. but, i think it marks a pretty significant time in our lives. a time where our decisions will lay the blueprint for the rest of our journey. a time where we will lose a lot of relationships, but will gain a whole lot more. these past three years have been better than i could have ever planned for myself. and now i'm ready to leave and see where life takes me because at this point, the possibilities are endless.
and on this day we celebrated.

much love,


my sister took some ah-mazing portraits of my friends and i! there are many more on her blog. check them out here. thanks for capturing everything so beautifully, emily:)
H A P P Y   D A D S   D A Y

brunch at Good Stuff Diner, new york city.

happy father's day to the man in my life who means the most. i couldn't ask for a funnier, harder-working dad. a man who provides unconditional love, cooks amazing food and is so generous to me and those around him. so thank you to all the dad's out there who make each day so special:)

love you dad!

R A I N ,   R A I N   D O N ' T    G O   A W A Y