S P R I N G   S N O W

I am currently sitting in our little apartment in new york city- what a grand place this is! these photos were taken a couple days before we emabarked on our travels.  snow in april? yup, that's canada. 

but the rare, blissful fog was irresistible + left us no choice but to capture it's beauty.

N Y C   B O U N D

S I T T I N G .  W A I T I N G .   W I S H I N G .
+ wishing
for spring.
D I Y   |   p a t t e r n e d   p o c k e t

i originally found this idea on good ol' pinterest, (the source for 99 percent of my DIY's haha), and although i'm not much of a sewer, i found it suprisingly simple!  i think its a super quick + creative way to snazzy-up a plain t-shirt! hope you all enjoy :)


a l l   y o u   n e e d :
plain t-shirt
patterned fabric

1. find a plain t-shirt + some cool fabric. i went to the thrift store and found a cheap piece of fabric for the pocket but you could definitely just use some fabric scraps! and the t-shirt is a men's shirt from Old Navy.

2. cut out your pocket. try different sizes and see what you like best!

3. pin + sew. using pins, find the perfect placement for the pocket. this step took me a little while but i would recommend trying it on to see where the pocket lays on your body. then it's sewing time! i hand-sewed mine on, but if you are nifty with a sewing machine i would definitely recommend using one! (it saves you many pesky and painful pokes haha)

voila! you got a rad t-shirt :)

much love,

T H E   S U N D A Y   C H R O N I C L E S   |   s i m p l i c i t y
and enjoying the 
afternoon sunlight.

much love,

n o .   1   |    H O M E   S W E E T   H O M E
these days i'm inspired by retro pieces of furniture + all things greenery. can't wait to have a home of my own one day!

much love,