M Y   H U M B L E   A B O D E 

a little tour of my favourite space.

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T H E   S U N D A Y   C H R O N I C L E S 
a n   a f t e r n o o n   o f   c r a f t i n g

a chilly winter afternoon called for a gathering around the dining room table, trying our hands at various  crafts. one of which was potato stamping and let me tell you: its not as easy as pinterest makes it sound! haha. maybe next crafting session i'll give it another whirl, but for now i'll stick with hand crafted cards and hand drawn typography.

much love,
T A K I N G   S T O C K   |   life, lately
M a k i n g : hand-made cards.   
R e a d i n g : The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. this book is wonderfully genius.  
B a k i n g : pumpkin pie! ( see the recipe here )

D r i n k i n g : pumpkin spice latte. i know, i know - what a shocker. can you sense a pumpkin theme, here? ha.  
W a n t i n g : every dress on Ruche.  
P l a y i n g : candy crush. folks, i think its a real addiction. 
S e w i n g : nothing, at the moment. BUT, i do hope to start crocheting my (never-ending) blanket.  
W i s h i n g : it was already christmas.  
E n j o y i n g : the changing season. 
L e a r n i n g : to be patient with God, because His plans are infinetly more fulfilling than my own; and with people, because we are all imperfect human beings. 
W o n d e r i n g : about future career paths.
L o v i n g : new (and old) friendships.  
M a r v e l l i n g : at how God works in the smallest, but most powerful of ways + uses even the most broken people to bring glory to His name.
N e e d i n g : strong coffee.
S m e l l i n g : rain. the best smell in the world.
We a r i n g : leather leggings + flannel. perfection. 
F o l l o w i n g : so many new + wonderful blogs lately! i've been especially loving Chalk White Arrow.  
W r i t i n g : these days, it seems to be everything little detail of my thought. paper + ink have proven to be the greatest therapy.  
N o t i c i n g : procrastination is never a good idea. 
T h i n k i n g : about expanding my blog.  
F e e l i n g : anxious, but oh so excited, about the future.
B o o k m a r k i n g : the book of Acts. Paul's testimony is so convicting and inspiring!  
G i g g l i n g : nonstop with Kianna. oh man, that girl makes my stomach hurt from ridiculous laughter. 

much love, 

F A L L   E D I T
+ t o p :  forever 21
+ s k i r t : thrifted
+ c a r d i g a n : forever 21
+ l i p s : rimmel 'bordeaux' 
lovely photos taken by : emily banek ( visit her blog here )
w i n t e r s   g r a n d   a r r i v a

the coming of winter + the first snowfall brings with it: wool sweaters, endless flannel, chapped lips, frost covered windows, staticky hair, hand-knitted slippers + dark, blistery evenings like this that make me ever so grateful to have a dim, cozy space to call my own. utterly smitten. 

much love,